Flourish Studio | ABOUT
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Our ethos: We create engagement though bold, relentless design.

We’re a Kent based boutique design studio specialising in branding and marketing for businesses and agencies throughout the UK, Europe and America.

We’re a small team of talented designers and art directors with a passion for building and transforming brands and products. We’re a young and ambitious studio and strive to form long lasting relationships with clients, local, national and global on a range of scales. We love to attract forward thinking, brave clients to produce bold creative design and collaborations that amplify brands and ensure that new projects are strategically thought out for maximum engagement.

Design for business.

Branding is all about how your clients perceive you and your products. This translates into making sure your tone-of-voice or the ‘personality’ of your business matches with your visual identity. Your brand should instantly tell customers and would-be customers who you are, why you are different and why that’s a good thing.

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Design for agencies.

We partner with agencies, working in collaboration with a common goal of producing the highest quality work that meets the budget, pushes creative boundaries and exceeds the clients’ expectations. Our track record of exceptional work, a highly motivated and talented creative team and an understanding of budgets makes us an easy fit into most agencies in most countries.

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